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Vanessa Segura

Meet Vanessa Segura - Legal Assistant

Victorious | Valuable | Versatile 

Vanessa is a dedicated and detail-oriented legal assistant with a passion for delivering high-quality support in the legal field. With 12 years of experience in customer service, 5 years' experience in sales & marketing, and 5 years' experience in Real Estate she has honed a diverse skill set that encompasses document preparation, case management, and client communication. 

Vanessa holds a BA in Business Administration and minors in General Management, along with her Certification as a Realtor. Throughout her career, Vanessa has demonstrated exceptional organizational abilities and a keen eye for accuracy, ensuring that all legal documents and filings meet regulatory standards. She is proficient in utilizing legal software and databases to streamline workflows and enhance productivity within legal teams. 

Vanessa is committed to maintaining confidentiality and integrity in handling sensitive legal information. She possesses strong communication skills, both written and verbal, which enable effective collaboration with attorneys, clients, and other stakeholders. 

With a proactive approach to problem-solving and a strong work ethic, Vanessa consistently contributes to the success of legal projects and helps maintain a smooth and efficient operation within the legal environment. 

Outside of work, Vanessa enjoys attending local farmers markets, spending time with her family, and snowboarding.  

As a dedicated legal assistant, Vanessa strives to provide exceptional support to legal teams and contribute positively to the overall success of Victorium Legal, Inc. 

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