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Mike Johnson, MBA

Meet Mike Johnson - Executive Director & Senior Case Manager

Motivated | Masterful | Multifaceted

At the helm of Victorium Legal, Mike Johnson exemplifies dynamic leadership, perfectly blending his comprehensive legal expertise with a keen strategic business sense. Mike is not just about leading; his career is a testament to his commitment to excellence and his drive to use his talents for the greater good.

With an extensive educational foundation, Mike brings a diverse range of expertise to the table. He holds a Master's in Business Administration, focusing on leadership, and a Bachelor's in Business Administration and Legal Studies. Additionally, his Associate of Arts degree in Administration of Justice and specialized certifications in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Estate Planning, Business Law and as a negotiations specialist, further fortify his legal acumen.

Mike's career path is marked by varied roles and accomplishments. He has been a Union Representative for the Carpenters Union, advocating for workers' rights, and has also excelled in executive positions, such as COO and CMO of Aviotti Jet Club. His proficiency in these roles highlights his operational and strategic capabilities. Moreover, his qualification as a Journeyman Carpenter demonstrates his commitment to craftsmanship.

An entrepreneur at heart, Mike has successfully managed and owned a marketing company and a real estate development firm. His leadership as CEO of Victorium Legal over the past two years has spurred significant growth and innovation within the firm.

Mike is renowned for his ability to close high-stakes financial transactions and his expertise as a procurement specialist, skills that have been instrumental in the growth and success of the organizations he has steered. These abilities are particularly invaluable in the legal arena, where negotiation and strategic deal-making are paramount for our clients. 

Beyond his professional life, Mike is a passionate athlete, participating in marathons, cycling, and hiking. His dedication to personal achievement is a reflection of his professional ethos, embodying Victorium Legal's core values of integrity, commitment, and outstanding service.

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